Our Master Shihan Yamada Toshiyasu

Born December 25th 1975.

He is the 17th Generation Shihan of the fraction of Sekiguchiryu Battou-Jutsu that concentrates on Battou-Jutsu Rapid drawing methods of the Japanese Sword from its Sheath/Saya.

His Father Yamada Yoshitaka

is also the 11th generation Soke of Shin - Shin Ryu.

Shihan Yamada Toshiyasu is a gifted artist, who is highly skilled at working with wood and drawing.

He has devoted his life to the study, preservation and teaching of Sekiguchi Ryu and is a person who possesses considerable knowledge about Japanese traditions, culture and other Japanese - Koryu and modern martial arts: Ju-Jutsu, Kiko traditional medicine, Kyusho-Jutsu and full contact Karate. He knows a lot about medicine and has a true connection with the natural world. Shihan Yamada is one of the few rare Japanese Sword Masters. 

Who truly and entirely pass on their art and knowledge to non-Japanese people with "honest care and dedication".

Shihan owns many non-public scrolls teaching about Sekiguchiryu, therefore: he is one of the very few people alive today, who possess a deep insight into this Martial Art system. His skills are further enriched by Kurokawa-Ryu, which specialise in criminal capture. 

Shihan Yamada Toshiyasu lives in Gifu Prefecture, Japan Sekiguchi Ryu Battou-Jutsu has prospered and been passed on since World War 2.