"All new students undergo a 12 month probationary trial period "

Please note this a Old School Koryu Bujutsu Traditional process

"a hopeful person wishing to become initiated into the Ryu traditions"

"Mon-jin"= translated = " Gateway person"

This process helps ensure the quality of our members and overall reputation within the Koryu Bujutsu community, 

Successful students should feel a sense of accomplishment for your efforts. 

This is to assess a new person's suitability into tradition of Sekiguchiryu Battou-Jutsu.

Prior to an offer of acceptance from the Sensei on behalf of Shihan Yamada Toshiyasu.

Once a student is considered a Monjin; then our Sekiguchiryu insignia Kamon/Crest

can be attached and worn. 

Only a Monjin can be receive rank validation certificate in the "Menkyo" 免許 Grade system that is retained from Feudal days gone by of the Samurai..

  Photograph: Kurou-mon / Black gateway on the famous Mountain Atago-Sama located just outside of Kyoto City, According to Ancient legend. it is the historical birthplace of Sekiguchiryu Battoujutsu in Japan.

All training fee's must be paid by the "first Sunday of the Month."

Insurance/membership to be paid in full and upfront prior to the commencement of your training. " NO excuses."